The direct link to your media

Share media and stay in control

Share your media via a Directlink, even with people that don’t have an ARRI Webgate account. Stay in control: Use personalized links to track when and if your Directlinks are being used. Protect your content: Secure your videos by using individual watermarks and enable or disable the option to download content.

Directlink security and tracking

Secure your Directlinks using various protection mechanisms: Assign a password, decide on an expiration date and the number of possible accesses and protect videos with personalized watermarks. You decide whether content is available for download or just for streaming.

Track how your links are being used: Create personalized Directlinks and be notified by email as soon as someone accesses your Directlink.

As an additional security feature you can activate an access log for your Directlink. This will record the time and the approximate location of the visitors of your directlink. We use the IP geolocation by DB-IP to show you the city and country of the visitors. Additionally, you have the option to be notified when your content is accessed.

Directlink Management

Easily manage your Directlinks: The paper plane marks a file belonging to a Directlink. Change the validity of your Directlinks and reset the usage count in the Directlink overview. Simply change or keep adding content to your Directlink, even if you have already distributed the link.

Upload Directlinks

Receive files without login: Use Upload Directlinks to allow users without an ARRI Webgate account to add content to your project. Use the notification function to be informed once content has been added.

Votes and comments

Quick feedback loops: Add videos and pictures, create a Directlink with 'Comment' function and email it off. Virtually immediately, the recipient can leave frame-by-frame comments. Use Directlinks for an easy, efficient and fast approval process, keep more people in the loop as no login is required.