Perfect for edit approvals and layouts!

Feedback. Frame by Frame.

Easier than ever before: the ARRI Webgate 'Comment' function makes collaborating on photo, video, cuts and layouts a breeze.

Precise feedback, comments or sketches on pictures, frames or time spans – its intuitive 'Comment' function makes ARRI Webgate the ideal coordination tool for your team and for approval processes with customers.

Draw on videos and images

Freehand feedback: Some comments are better drawn than written. Draw, mark and sketch your concern – simply and unmistakably.

Draw in different colors directly into the picture or on your video and share your drawing as a comment with your team.

No login required for comments

The quickest way to get and give feedback on videos and photos: Upload videos or pictures, create a Directlink with 'Comment' function and email it off. Virtually immediately, the recipient can leave frame-by-frame comments. An approval process could hardly be any faster, easier or more efficient. And the best thing about it is that it requires no login!

Reply to comments

Discussion desired: All users with an active 'Comment' function can not only make comments or sketches on a shot, frame or image, answers can also be given and discussions held.

Comments on the timeline

Everything in full view: Keep an eye on who comments when and where on the project. Alongside the comment window, all comments are also displayed on the timeline, in different colors for each user to make things more transparent. You can view each comment by mouse-over.

Comment a time span

Precisely defined: Create exact in- and out-points and comment on precisely that section – for example on whether the whole segment needs a retouch.

Like comments on frames, comments on a preiod of time are displayed on the timeline.

Export comments

Turn feedback into action: For further editing, export all comments as Adobe XMP and Avid Marker files. For a list view an export as text file is available with information on the framerate, the commentator, as well as source- and sequence timecode.

Kanban Boards

With the Kanban boards in ARRI Webgate, we provide you and your team with a new collaborative project management tool. Discuss, collect feedback on tasks and create to-do lists in your team. See who is working on what at a glance, and how far advanced the individual parts of your project are.

Kanban has reached the film industry

The shortest way to the finish

Particularly relevant for everyday work: Working with the 'Comment' function is fast! All functions can be activated with shortcuts.

Create new comment Shift+C
Create new drawing Ctrl+D
Goto next comment ,
Goto previous comment .
Set in-point Ctrl+I
Set out-point Ctrl+O
Jump to in-point Alt+↑
Jump to out-point Alt+↓
Move In- or out-point one frame to left Alt+←
Move In- or out-point one frame to right Alt+→