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699 € / month *
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*All prices are exclusive VAT. Your ARRI Webgate subscription will automatically be renewed at the end of your billing period until your cancellation. You may cancel your ARRI Webgate subscription at any time and continue to use the ARRI Webgate until the end of your billing period. A change between the packages is possible.

An overview of our tools


Manage users and access permissions

Data management

Easily organize your data, videos, playlists and galleries


Inform colleagues about changes in your ARRI Webgate project and add a personal message


Never miss activities or changes in rooms that you subscribe to


Share content by mirroring and avoid duplicates and the administrative hassle


Manage the visibility of data during the approval process


Share your media, even with people that don’t have an ARRI Webgate account


Manage your videos, dailies and edit approvals


Use frame-by-frame comments to ease the approval process and the QC


Mark sections in videos and images and share them as a comment


Import, manage and export metadata in different formats


Secure your data with personalized watermarks

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is transcoding?

Transcoding is the conversion of video- and audio files from one format into another video- or audio format. This makes content available on many different platforms and devices and accessible to more users.

Use ARRI Webgate as your transcoding engine and render your video content. You can choose to render your video files automatically or manually. Select your resolutions and decide whether you would like to render an optional watermark into your files.

ARRI Webgate characteristics

We distinguish streaming and download versions. A streaming version cannot be downloaded. If you would like to provide a downloadable version of your content, you will have to render an additional download version. The first download version you render for your video file is included. Additional rendering of download versions is deducted from your transcoding credit.

Re-rendering is included in your package. So there is no need to worry if you forgot to render a resolution, you can re-render it anytime without any additional cost. This is valid for download and streaming versions.

By distinguishing streaming and download formats your costs are kept transparent and you always know what you pay for.

ARRI Webgate transcoding minutes

We charge you depending on how much you use our transcoding engine. This is done via transcoding minutes. A transcoding minute equals the length of your video file.

To better visualize and explain this, we have included an exemplary calculation for a video of a length of one minute.

A video file with a length of one minute results in the following transcoding minutes (rendering refers to either streaming or download):

Render your file in all available formats (180p, 270p, 540p, 720p, 1080p): One transcoding minute

Render your file with a watermark in all available resolutions: One transcoding minute

Render an additional watermark in all available resolutions: One additional transcoding minute

Special watermark (set up individually for each person): One additional transcoding minute per watermark

If you have any questions about our packages, please call us at +49 (89) 3809 1659.